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I’ll be home with shells on…

DIY Nautical Garland

I love the relaxed vibe of beach houses, so I like to incorporate that into my decor.  Nothing is more beachy than seashells, and they’re cheap!  A few shells here and there is an easy way to decorate on a budget.  Here’s how to turn out a nautical garland.

DIY Summer Garland

All you need is a bowl/bag of shells, rope, and a glue gun.  I got my bag of shells at Michael’s, but you can score shells galore at the beach (just wash them off first).

Seashell Decor

Group your shells by size, it will make things easier.  You won’t end up with a bunch of big shells on one side, and teeny weenys on the other.

DIY Beachy Garland

Determine where you want to hang your garland, and measure and cut the rope accordingly.  Carefully lay the shells on the rope to make sure you like the look before you start gluing.  Once you like the look, get your glue on.

Beachy DecorGlue the ends into little loops, so you can easily hang the garland without nailing it into place.

Qualified Assistant

You may want to grab a helper before you hang it up… you know, to make sure it’s centered and shizz.

Summer DecorI’m loving this garland.  It’s kind of rugged chic, it matches with everything, and it cost less than $10 to make.

She serves seashells hunty