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After an intense workout (or a day at the beach), nothing beats a cold glass of water.

Mint Infused WaterUnfortunately water can be really boring, but it’s the key to a hot bod.  To make myself more inclined to go for water (instead of Gatorade), I like to infuse it with different flavors.  My ultimate fave flavor to use is mint.

DIY Flavored WaterAll you need to do is grab a handful of fresh mint, wash it, put it in a pitcher, and fill with water.  Let the pitcher chill in the fridge for a few hours, and it’s ready to drink.  Sometimes I’ll put a coffee filter over the opening of the pitcher to filter out any mint leaf particles… nobody likes floating objects in their drinking water.

Mint Water

I go through a pitcher of mint water each week, it’s fabulous… and it seriously cools you down.  I have no idea why mint water isn’t sold in stores, it’s wayy better than lemon water.

Stay hydrated