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Floral crowns were so 2013, it’s time for the pearl crown.

Pearl Headband

Floral crowns are great for bonfires and Coachella, but I don’t find them realistic in my every day life.  Pearls are another story, they’re the epitome of sophisticated.  Reign has me living for headwear, and I’m really not sure if I’m the only adult that watches this show… but Lady Kenna’s headwear is on point hunty.  Anyway, I wanted to make something that could be worn to an office, shopping, a bar, the pool, anywhere.  Here’s how to make a subtle statement headband/crown.

Faux Pearls

You’ll need some type of pearl strands, and an old (at least one inch wide) headband.  I found these strands of pearls in the wedding section at Michael’s, I stay shopping in the wedding section… you can always find awesome stuff for DIY projects.

Faux Pearl DIY

I was a little disappointed when I unboxed my strands, I have no idea what the hell someone would use this for in a wedding.  Needless to say, I cut the giant strand into individual ones.

DIY Pearl Headband

Cut your headband so it’s about 3-4 inches long.

Headband DIY

You’ll have to work strand by strand.  Start off with one strand, secure it to one end of the headband with a glue gun, then secure it to the other side.  The strands don’t need to be secured to the two sides symmetrically, in fact it looks better if they’re sporadic and asymmetrical.  Continue to add strands until you’re happy with the amount, I used 7.

Summer Headband

I’m feelin it.