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I’ve been dying for a Clarisonic recently… too much YouTube.  I almost splurged for one this past weekend, but I’d rather spend $150 on clothes.  So, I did some research and figured that I could find some sort of Clarisonic dupe.  After comparing a few different items, I decided to go with the Olay Pro-X (of course I bought it at Target).

Olay Pro XThis looks very similar to the Clarisonic, and I even got a limited edition pink one!  The total cost for this little package was $29.99, and it included the actual Pro-X, a mini exfoliating wash, batteries, and a pink chevron carrying case.  I like having a carrying case because it makes it convenient for beach trips, and it’s summer hunty.  The Pro-X has two speeds, and the brush is detachable.

Perfect SkinThe Pro-X is water-resistant, but not water proof.  I’ve been using it twice each day, and taking it in the shower with me.  I set it on the top shelf of my shower, wet my face and apply the face wash, then grab the Pro-X and use on my face for 1-2 minutes on high-speed.


I’ve also been using it on my chest, and I feel like my skin has been a lot clearer and smoother.  When I’m finished I remove the brush, and wash it thoroughly.  Overall I’m super happy with the Pro-X.  I’ve heard that you have terrible skin for about two weeks when you first start using the Clarisonic, and that isn’t an issue with the Pro-X (I guess it’s not as strong).  I’ve been really pleased with my skin this week, and would totally reccomend this to anyone.  I have really sensitive skin, and it didn’t tear my face up.

You can currently order the limited edition Olay Pro-X from Target for only $24.99.  It’s pink, and it comes with a Covergirl Gloss Balm (instead of the carrying case).  I got mine in store, and it was available in pink and blue… but it was $5 more.  The original Pro-X is available at Ulta for $29.99, and includes no fun extras (and it’s boring and white).  J’adore the Pro-X, maybe one day I’ll splurge for the Clarisonic.

Happy Monday