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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Neon Nails

Neon NailsThis photo does not do this shade any justice.  A few weeks ago I was getting a pedi and I picked the perfect neonish orangish pinky color, then I dropped and shattered it.  I can’t remember the name of the polish, but this is the closest color that I’ve found.  It’s from Forever 21 in the shade Island Mango.  I scooped it up while I was checking out.  I love the color, it makes me look a little tanner… but it chips really easily.  I know Essie has a new fairly new neon collection that I’ve been wanting to investigate, maybe I’ll see it soon.  Until then, this is my go-to neon.

The Body Shop’s Mango

Body ShopNormally I hate fruity scents, but I’m feelin this one.  The Body Shop’s mango isn’t very intense.  It’s light, refreshing, and summer-y.

Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

I was given this beauty blender as a gift, and I’m completely obsessed.  I’ll never go back to using a regular foundation brush or sponge again.  The beauty blender is seriously magical.  This majestical sponge makes any foundation look perfect and airbrushed.  It’s amazing, and totally worth the money.

Stipple Brush

Stipple Brush

I’ve been loving this cheap little E.L.F. stipple brush for blush application.  It’s especially fabulous for Benefit tints.  I don’t like to put tints and stains directly on my face, so I put them onto this stipple brush then apply.  I think this brush was like $3 at Target.  Real Techniques also makes a good brush for $10.

What I’m Hating

Questionable behavior.

Questionable Behavior

My nextdoor neighb may or may not be fondling himself outdoors on a daily basis.  I’ve been noticing bizarre behavior when I’m outside tanning.  In the screenshots from a video above, it appears as though he is pulling his pants up, and he did indeed run away after this.  I’m thinking my neighb is special, so I just let the pugs bark at him until he goes away.  However, if you can see me… I can see you hunty.  Whether you’re on private property or not, if you see someone else… keep your privates covered.

Happy Sunday ♡