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I’ve been really bad at checking my mail lately, so my glam bag surprised me!

June Glam BagI don’t like the way this bag looks, but I’d like it if it was the pattern on a full midi skirt… paired with a white crop top or tucked in tee.  Here’s what was inside…

OFRA, Universal Brow Pencil

Eyebrow PencilThis pencil claims to be one color that flatters all skin tones, is that even pos?… yes!  I was shockingly pleased with this pencil.  I have ridiculously fair skin so I tend to steer clear of universal products, but this pencil looked completely natural.  It was easy to use, and my brows looked good.  I don’t know if I’d buy this again, it’s not that expensive ($13).  I think that I prefer powder, but this is nice to have around.

NICKA K, Shimmer Eyeliner

Summer EyesI’m on the fence about this liner.  I like the color and it’s a good size, howevevs blue liner just doesn’t work with blue eyes and fair skin.

Bold Eyeliner

This would look really good on darker skin tones.  I may end up wearing it to the pool or beach one day, but I’d never rock it regularly.  If this liner was a bold orange, I’d be in love.  I think orange plays well with blue eyes.

Nyx Butter Gloss, Eclair

Nyx Butter Gloss

I’ve featured butter gloss before, it’s the only gloss that I like.  Butter gloss keeps your lips hydrated, and the color stays on for a hot minute.  This is a color that I’d never gravitate towards, but I’m feelin it.  Eclair is a soft seashelly pink, it’s perfect for everyday casual realness.  I actually liked the eyeliner better once I applied this gloss.

Carols Daughter, Sacred Tiare

Carols DaughterJ’adore Carols Daughter products.  This styling cream smells amazing.  It’s thick and moisturizing, and everything that I want in a product.  You’re supposed to use this before blow drying and flat ironing… which I have not yet done.  I have a feeling it will work wonders.

Realtree For Her

RealtreeI’ve never heard of Realtree, is it a popular thing?  The fragrance is super cheap, it’s like $25 for a bottle… and it smells amazing.  I don’t really know what this smells like, but it’s just good.  It’s subtle but sexy.  I think this scent is perfect for late summer/early fall.  Perhaps I should order it.

The Verdict

I don’t hate it, good summer beauty bag.

Happy Monday