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DIY Beach Cover Up

Bathing suit cover-ups are a must, but I think they can be kind of expensive.  You only wear them for like 20 minutes (if that), yet they cost as much as an actual bathing suit.  Here’s an easy way to DIY an adorable cover-up.

Easy Bathing Suit Cover UpYou’ll need an old oversized tee (I used a mens large), a sharpie, fabric scissors, and embellishments/scrap fabric.

DIY Bathing Suit Cover Up  Use the sharpie to draw a standard muscle tee shape on your tee.  You can use a tank that you already have for guidance.  I decided to go with more of a deep v in the front, and thinner straps.

SummerWhen you’re happy with the shape, cut everything out.

DIY Swimsuit Cover UpYou can leave your tee as is, or you can jazz it up with scrap fabric and embellishments.  I like adding lace to everything, it’s easy to work with and fancies anything up.

Interested PugI had some darker green scrap fabric which I used to line the bottom of the cover-up, and the front v… you best believe I used fabric glue to secure everything.  I also decided to use a piece of lace (cut in the shape of a bib necklace) on the front.  It still didn’t feel right, so I glued on a few beads.