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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

The Bronze of Champs Book

Summer MakeupI actually got this book a few months ago, and I’ve been completely obsessed.  Benefit books are the best, they have everything that you need to put on a full face (except for foundation) and they’re usually around $30.

Bronze MakeupI can’t stress how perfect this book is for summer.  It has the perfect mascara, eyeshadows, lip gloss, highlighter and bronzer.  I use the bronzer and highlighter on a daily basis to contour.   This little guy even has a built-in mirror.  If I was going on vacation, I would take this book and foundation… that’s it.  Perfection.

Spray Block

SunblockThis Rite Aid sunscreen smells exactly like Bobbi Brown Beach, sometimes I just use it as a fragrance.  Spray on sunblock makes beaching sooo much easier… just don’t get it in your eyes (it hurts like a bitch).

Maui Babe

Maui Babe

I love this shizz.  It makes you instantly darker the second you apply, and it gives you pretty good results.  This lotion does smell like soy sauce and it’s really greasy… but you’re going to get gross laying out, so it doesn’t matter. I found this at Ulta and I think it was like $12.

What I’m Hating

When things backfire on me…

Hate ItI hate any and all types of outdoor work, even cleaning up after my dogs.  I try to wait for someone else to do it, and sometimes it backfires on me.  There have been numerous occasions where I’ve sat my tanning towel in pug #2, and it’s da worst.  Yuck, hate it.

Happy Sunday ♡