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Lately I’ve been feelin rustic decor.

Rustic Vase

I want to rustify everything.  I saw something on Pinterest about doing this with mason jars, and I had these ugly old vases that I wanted to use instead.  Here’s how to give your vases (or anything) a little rustic realness.

Rustic Vase DIY

You’ll need something that needs a makeover.  I went with these IKEA vases, they didn’t fit in with my other decor.  I’ve had them for like five years, I don’t know why I never threw them away.  This would also work amazingly well with picture frames, centerpieces, even lamps.

DIY Rustic Vase

Spray paint your vase (or other item).  I’ve been loving soft grey, seafoam green, and bold sunny yellows… and I think they work for that rustic/faux vintage type of look.

DIY Decor

When the paint is dry, use a nail file (or sandpaper) to gently rough up the paint.  I like to file just enough so the glossiness is gone, and some edges are exposed.

Easy DIY Decor If you want, you can set everything with a matte finishing spray… I didn’t because I was feeling lazy.

RusticI love the new look of these vases.  I’ve been keeping them on my kitchen table, filled with fresh herbs instead of flowers… it makes my house smell divine.

Rustify my love