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I like my salads like I like my body… shaved.

Cucumber and Apple SaladBut seriously, shaved salads are really pretty.  It’s also nice way to texturally switch things up, and the salad looks impressive.  Here’s how to turn out an easy healthy snack.

Fresh ProduceYou’ll need some fresh produce and a peeler.

Summer Salad

I like to base a shaved salad around cucumbers, so I went with cucs and apples.

Shaved Salad

Cut your veggies/fruits so they have a flat side.  Use the peeler to make long ribbons of deliciousness.

Easy VinaigretteYou can use a squeeze of lemon or lime over the salad, but it only takes like 5 seconds to throw together a vinaigrette.  Just mix half red wine vinegar and half oil, toss in a sprinkle of fresh dill, and whisk until blended.

Healthy Shaved SaladPlate your shavings.

Dill VinaigretteDrizzle the dressing over the salad, and get your munch on.

TGIF hunty