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I feel like I’m the last person to receive their FFF summer box… but it finally showed up this weekend.

FabFitFun Summer BoxThis is my least favorite box yet.  I missed out on last summers box, but it looked amazing… that’s why I ended up subscribing.  Since all of my other boxes have been on point, I pictured this one to include surf spray, lip stains, waterproof makeup, a beach workout dvd, and flops or a beach towel.  The box contained nothing I was hoping for.  Here’s what I got.

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial, $95

Flash FacialYou’re supposed to spread a thin layer of this gel on your face, leave on for 1-2 minutes, and rub off in circular motions.  I didn’t know what to rub this off with so I looked up a tutorial on YouTube, apparently you just use your fingers.  When I applied the mask it was really strong, it smells like straight up alcohol.  It was hard for me to keep my eyes open and I felt like I was breathing in vodka.  When the gel started to dry it smelled like a freshly cleaned waiting room.  After 2 minutes I rubbed the mask off.  It was a total mess, there were little balls of mask and dead skin everywhere.  I ended up jumping in the shower and washing my face.  I’m not really sure if this worked or not.  I pictured the mask to have a microdermabrasion effect, but I wasn’t even red.  I’d use this again (in the shower, or over a sink), but I think I prefer a cheapie peel off mask.

pur~lisse pur~protecht SPF 30, $55

Pur~lisseThis sunblock smells good, but it leaves me a wee bit confused.  Is it more of a sunscreen or a moisturizer?  If it’s more of a sunscreen, it seems really small… but if it’s a moisturizer, it’s fairly large.  I’ll use this up, but I don’t understand why it’s so expensive.  I do enjoy that it’s SPF 30, and not 50 or some other outrageously large number.  Sometimes a bitch needs a lil color.

Thursday Friday, Away Mini Clutch/ Makeup Bag $35

Thursday Friday

I saw this on a spoiler page, and I wasn’t thrilled.  I’m not a fan of these bags.  I feel like this bag is the equivalent of me screen printing a Chanel logo on a plain white tee.   Maybe I’m just a big loser, but I’m totes not feelin this clutch.

Balanced Guru, No Frizz Oil $25

Hair OilThis exact same oil was in my May Glam Bag, which made me a little sad.  I believe this one’s bigger though.  Been there, done that.

FabFitFun Water Infuser, BPA-free Water Bottle $15

Water Infuser

This bottle is my fave thing in the summer box.  I like to infuse water with lemon and mint, and this is an awesome way to infuse a small portion.  When you add fresh fruit and herbs to a pitcher of water, it can get gross after a couple of days.  This could also be a handy-dandy way to infuse vodka!

Zoya Nail Polish, Elodie $9

Zoya Elodie

If I got this box a week ago, I’d be excited about this color.  However, I went to Ulta this week and picked up another Zoya polish in the shade Wendy.  Wendy is very similar to Elodie, they’re both coral reefy but Wendy is pinker… and I like her better.

KISSTIXX Lip Balm $5.99 

Summer LipsI feel like this is more Valentines Day than summer.  This little box included two lip balms, and you’re supposed to give one to your “smooching partner” and let the flavors mix.  What if you don’t have a partner, then what do you do?  I got the flavors chocolate and strawberry… could that be any more V-Day?

Popchips, Sour Cream & Onion $1.29

Pop ChipsIn past boxes, I liked getting weird organic chips that I’d never heard of.  Popchips are everywhere.  I like Popchips, but I despise sour cream & onion… total bummer.

Skintimate Shave Gel, Raspberry Rain $1.99

Shave Gel

The cool part about FFF is that you get to try products that you normally wouldn’t, like higher end stuff.  Fifty percent of this box contained items that I could pick up at Target.  Everyone that shaves owns this shave gel.  I’d rather shave with body wash to save time, and I hate this scent.  It smells like a baby prostitute.

Always, Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners $1.50

PadsPADS?  Who wears pads?… they’re sooo revolutionary war.

Slimfast, Have Your Cake Meal Bar $1

Slim Fast1997 called, they want their Slimfast back.  I haven’t seen Slimfast in a hot minute, I didn’t even know it still existed.  This is actually really good.  It surprisingly tastes like birthday cake, and doesn’t have that weird protein-y aftertaste.  I’d totally buy these (from Target).

The total value of my summer box was $245.77, and I only paid $50.  I know that all I did was bitch about this entire box, but I still like FFF… I think I’m bitter about going back to work after the Fourth of July.  I’ll still end up using all of these products whether I like it or not.

Happy Monday