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I always see cute stuff on Pinterest about jars.  Jars are where it’s at, mason jars, distressed jars, even clear jars.  Instead of buying new ones, I like to revamp my old ones.

Candle Jar DIYCandle jars are insanely useful for holding little things.  With a can of spray paint, you can make them match anything!  Here’s how to sexify your turnt and burnt candle jars.

Candle JarsYou’ll need a few old jars (they don’t have to be candles, you can use vases or cups too), spray paint, and a nail file.  Use a dull knife or spoon to remove the leftover wax from the candle jars.

Reuse Candle Jars

Fill the jars with hot water and let them soak for 30-60 minutes.  After they’ve soaked, you should be able to pop the little wick right off.   Sometimes the wick can be industrial strength super glued down, if that’s the case just leave it.

Metallic Spray PaintTake the jars outside and spray paint them.  I went for a shiny silver, I love metallic accents.  When the jars dry, you can rough them up with a nail file if you want to.  I like everything better roughed up… hair, a tucked shirt, and decor.

Bathroom Shelf

I knew that I wanted to use these jars on my bathroom shelf, it needed to be organized like whoa.  Throughout the week I end up shoving anything I use on this shelf.

Candle Jar Revamp

I decided to turn my shelf into a little skin care area.  I like the look of my new jars… shabby chic realness.