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Muscle tee’s are sooo comfy, I’ve been living in them recently.

Summer DIYI decided to pop a collar on one to see if I’d like it, and I do.  Here’s how to turn out a collared muscle tee.

Tee Shirt DIY

Start off with an old oversized tee.  I think I cleaned the house in mine, because it had bleach stains on it.

DIY Muscle TeeUse fabric scissors to cut the sleeves and shape them up.  Do the same to the bottom.  I went for a cropped tank to cut the bleach stains off of my shirt.

DIY Peter Pan CollarYou can use anything to embellish the collar of your tee, rhinestones, beads, leather, pearls, whateves.  I happen to love Peter Pan collars, and I have a bunch of scrap fabric left over from necklaces that I had listed on Etsy (should I bring them back this fall?).  If you want to do a Pan collar, just google templates and use them with whatever fabric you like.

Easy DIYSecure everything with a glue gun or fabric glue.  I ended up using a little button in the center of my collar.

DIY Summer TankYou wouldn’t wear a shirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you… right?  

DIY Crop Top

I’m feelin the collared muscle tee.  Pop a collar on anything and you fancy.