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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Nyx Butter Gloss

Butter GlossThis is so weird because I hate lip gloss.  The butter gloss is hydrating, without being a sticky mess.  I’ve been loving the shades Cupcake and Sugar Cookie.  These glosses also have pretty good pigmentation, they aren’t super shear.

OPI, Mod About You

OPI Mod About YouUuugghh, this pic does this color no justice.  I’m obsessed with this shade, I’ve been wearing it for three weeks straight.  It’s like a gorge whiteish purpley pink.  It’s so pretty, without being ballet slippers boring.  I love it.

Real Techniques Sponge

Real Techniques

This is no beauty blender, but it’s the closest thing that I’ve found.  I believe this sponge was only $7 which is awesome.  It works, I like it.

Cucumber + Sage Wipes

Facial Wipes

Anything involving cucumber and herbs is a plus in my book.  These wipes are beyond refreshing.  I use them every morning when I wake up and sometimes after being outside.  I wish Burt’s Bees would make a rollerball of this scent… soo fresh.

Hummus Crisps

Hummus Crisps

I discovered these on a display at Giant and was like OMG those look delish, I’ve gotta get them.  These are soo good and healthy!  However, they’re a little messy.  I did see a hummus and salt and pep version too, I’ll try those next and hope they aren’t messy.

What I’m Hating

Televised golf.


I don’t know why, but whenever I see golf on TV it makes me very mad.  Like I get furious.  I have no idea what it is, maybe because it’s boring or something?  It’s not my thing, and I hate it.

Happy Sunday ♡