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I always score little maxi’s from F21 for like $10, and then I get home and remember that I’m too short for maxi dresses.  Here’s how to fix a dress that’s too long.

DIY Midi DressAll you need to do is figure out how short you want the dress to be, and make one clean cut (using fabric scissors of course).

No Sew Midi DressI’ve been living for midi’s, and I found that length the most flattering.  If enough fabric survived the cut, you can use it as a scarf.

DIY ScarfJust throw it around your neck.  Scarves are perfect for chilly summer nights.  You can also use the extra fabric for a headband/turban.

DIY Turban

Place the fabric at the nape of your neck, criss it, cross it, tuck it, and fluff it.

Summer Hair

Love it.