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I’m stuck in a food rut.  I want to eat pumpkin and fall deliciousness, but it’s still summer.

Fall SnackApples are light and summer-y, but kind of decadent when they’re baked.  Sometimes on a chill morning I like to get down with a baked apple instead of oatmeal.  Here’s how to wake and bake.

Easy Breakfast

Start off with a juicy apple.

Cored AppleCut the top off of the apple.  Use a knife, spoon, or melon baller to remove the core… and then some.

Cottage Cheese Stuffed AppleFill the core with fat-free cottage cheese.  I like to top mine off with honey and cinnamon, but brown sugar is good too.  You could also use ricotta cheese and crushed graham crackers.

Baked AppleWhen your apple(s) is stuffed, fill the bottom of a muffin pan with a little bit of water, put the apple in, and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.  The water keeps the apple from getting super dry.  You don’t have to use a muffin pan, but I think it makes it really easy… and it’s the perfect size.

Healthy Baked AppleWhen the apple is done it should be a little browner, and a little sexier.

Healthy DessertThis is one of my fave snacks, and you can eat it anytime.  It’s a healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert.  Baked apples also look fancy, so they make a good party snack.