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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Sparkly Pink Nails

Pink Nails

This is so weird for me because I usually hate sparkly nails… but sometimes when you’re having a bad day it’s nice to see something shiny and happy.  When I saw this color I was like girl you betta get that.  It’s from the Covergirl Outlast line (which I love), and it’s in the shade Bombshell.

Covergirl Outlast BombshellThis color gets me excited for the jewel tones that come with fall.

Voluminous Miss Manga

Voluminous MangaI needed a new mascara so I took a trip to Target.  This one obvs caught my eye because it’s pink and shiny.  I was pleasantly surprised with this mascara, it’s one of the best I’ve ever used.  It has this smell though, and it took me forever to realize what it smelled like… I just figured it out.  This mascara smells like old school Claire’s body glitter that I wore in like fifth grade.  The scent reminds me of dance competitions.  Aside from that it’s amazing.  The wand is everything.

Fave Mascara

It’s super flexible and bendable.  I will def get this again.

Limeade Oreos

Limeade OreosThese flavored Oreo’s are on point.  I’m obsessed with the fruity ones.  I hate regular Oreo’s, and I don’t like heavier flavors like marshmallow either.  The limade Oreo’s are light and refreshing… I ate like half of a box in one sitting.  I’m starting to get sad that they’re limited edition.

What I’m Hating

When it’s to hot to do my hair.

Messy HairI freaking hate when it’s sooo hot that using a curling/straightening iron is out of the question.  It’s the worst.  I have poofy hair, it’s not straight and it’s not curly… it needs some love in the form of heat on a daily basis.  When my hair looks like this after two days in a row it makes me very angry.  I could tease it and rock a meaty bun, but then it gets so hard to brush.  Brushing tangles is da worst.

Happy Sunday ♡