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High rise skinnies are popping up everywhere, and crop tops are pretty much made for them.

DIY Crop TopWith the right colors, you can take a crop top from summer to fall.  Here’s how to do it.

Easy DIY Crop TopStart off with an old tee, sweater, or dress, and make the big cut.  I decided to use an old dress from Old Navy, the top never fit right… it was baggy n saggy.  I cut along the waistline of the dress, as close to the seam as possible.  If you use a sweater or tee, decide how short you want the shirt before you cut.

Easy Crop Top

Cut a straight line along the front or back of the top.

Fall Crop Top

Take a few cool buttons and place them along one of the sides that was just cut.  I had these orange buttons from an old grandma sweater, and I’ve been wanting to use them for a while.  When you like the placement of the buttons, sew them on.

Crop Top

Use a seam ripper to make button holes.  It’s not like you’re going to wear this unbuttoned, so the holes don’t have to be perfect (mine were a hot mess).  As long as the button fits in the hole, you’re good to go.

End of Summer Style

I used a glue gun to secure some brown lace along the bottom of the shirt.  It gave the crop top a finished look, with no hemming required!  The darker colors of this top allow it to be a surprisingly transitional piece.  My crop top looks summer-y when paired with white skinnies…

Fall Style

and the same exact outfit looks stylish for fall, just add a sweater and boots.  I think this DIY would work best with a brown, black, or grey shirt, and gold, silver, or copper buttons (but sometimes, you gotta use what you have).