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I have a serious thing for copper.

Copper Mood BoardIt’s kind of like a poor girl’s rose gold, but edgier.  Copper blends amazingly well with standard autumn shades like brown, orange, mustard, and jewel tones.  Most people either wear silver or gold, so copper totally stands out.  Copper has an industrial feel to it, and I’m obsessed.  If it’s copper, I want it.  Unfortunately, copper isn’t that easy to find… unless you pay cash and are getting change back.  However, copper spray paint is the shit and it’s easy to change the color of things.

Easy MakeoverI have these little cages from Michael’s.  I think I bought them in March or April, but they’re still in the store.  The cages come in white, green, orange, and yellow.  I picked up a few white ones to use in empty spaces during spring.  White’s not my thing come fall, but I still like the cages.

CopperSo, I spray painted them copper (using Krylon Metallic Paint).  Now these little cages bring the harvest.  You can use the spray paint on any type of decor, vases, chairs, even a table.  I can’t stop spray painting things.

Can’t stop, won’t stop