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For the past few months I haven’t been too excited for any of my subscriptions.

August Glam BagI feel like as each subscription company gets bigger, it gets harder to get large quantities of stellar products.  I subscribed to Birchbox, MyGlam, and FabFitFun when they were all starting out and they used to be awesome.  Now I’ve been getting products that I’m not really into.  Anyway, I don’t really like this bag… it looks like a little kid raincoat.  I think I’d like it if it were April, but I was expecting something a little more back to school-y.  Here’s what was inside.

Urban Decay, Perversion 

Urban DecayI love UD, but I hate black mascara… I always use dark brown.  I haven’t heard of this particular product before seeing it in my bag.  I guess that means I’m totally out of the loop?  The wand looks normal, I thought it would be some kind of crazy shape.

Urban Decay MascaraThe mascara is easy to apply, it doesn’t clump, and lashes look extremely long.

MascaraI’d totally buy this in brown.

Manna Kadar, Sheer Glo

HighlighterSheer Glo says on the bottle that it’s a shimmer lotion.  That kind of confused me because I didn’t know if this lotion went all over your body.  The back of the bottle instructs you to mix it with foundation for a luminous glow, so I guess it’s just for your face.  I def wouldn’t use this on my whole face, but I like it as a highlighter.  Sheer Glo is nice to have around, but it’s no Benefit High Beam. 

Bee All Natural, Organic Lip Balm

Organic Lip BalmFake Burt’s Bees… no thanks.  This wasn’t soft like Burt’s.  It’s natural, but not the good kind of natural.  This organic balm feels cheap, and it smells like a mimosa made with Andre that’s been sitting out for like three hours.  Not into it.

Lord & Berry. Black SILK Kajal Kohl-liner

Kajal Kohl LinerNice liner, good consistency, sickening for smokey eyes.  I’ll prob use this a few times, but I’m more of a brown liner kind of girl.  I get down with the browns.

Free Your Mane, Reviving Spray

Free Your Mane

I feel like this spray does nothing for me.  I thought it was going to be similar to a dry shampoo, but it’s watery.  I’ve only used this a couple of times so I’m still on the fence.  I don’t know what’s in this spray, but it smells really good.  I’d rather go for dry shampoo than this reviving spray.

The Verdict

Uggghhhh.  Throughout the past 2 (maybe 3?) years, I’ve never received so many consecutive Glam Bags that I don’t care for.  I think that Ipsy offers a better bag if you upgrade and pay more but I don’t want to do that.  Since it’s only $10 it doesn’t really matter what’s inside… it’s just like a nice bonus if it’s something good.