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When school starts back up, I feel like you entertain more people.  During summer you can meet at the pool, beach, or sit outside outside at a restaurant… but when it starts to get chilly you want to be cozy in your house.  When it’s cool and crisp outside I like to eat delicious warm snacks.

Healthy AppetizerA blackberry and pear baguette is the perfect end of summer going into fall snack.  The blackberries are a little summer-y and the pears bring the fall.  Here’s how to turn it out.

Baguette AppetizerStart off with a multi-grain baguette.

Fresh FruitYou’ll also need a handful of blackberries and a pear or two.

Diced PearsDice the pear into tiny little pieces.

Muddled BlackberryPlace your blackberries on a cutting board, and carefully press down on them with a spoon.  You essentially want to muddle them, don’t super squish them… just gently press down separating the berry.

Easy AppetizerMix the two fruits together in a bowl.

Fall AppetizerThe pears should have a gorge purple coating.

Fall SnackAdd a few large spoonfuls of fat-free cottage cheese to the mix.

Healthy SnackStir it up again.  Make sure all of the fruit is coated with cheese.

Multi Grain BaguetteSlice the baguette and place it on a freshly PAMela’d baking sheet.

Blackberry and Pear BaguetteSpoon the mixture onto the slices.  I like to top the mix off with a drizzle of honey, it looks pretty and tastes good!  Bake the toasty baguette at 350° for 5-10 mins. 

Easy Snack

When the snack is done, everything should look golden and beautimous.  I know a lot of people don’t get down with cottage cheese so you can def use ricotta instead.  This is the perfect snack for girls TV nights, kids after school, little coffee meetings, or pretty much any event you can think of.

Have an awesome weekend ♡