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I like mixing things that don’t necessarily go together.

Fall EarringsLike pearls and coppery wire.  Pearls are chic and girly, wire is industrial and edgy.  You wouldn’t immediately think of the two together, but they totally work.  Here’s how to serve up industrial chic realness.

DIY Fall EarringsYou’ll need pearl beads, head pins, and little fish-hook earrings.

DIY Earrings

Place a pearl onto the head pin.  Use mini pliers to bend the wire around the bead.  If you want a tighter look, round nose pliers are ideal.   I didn’t want these to look super perfect, so my wrap around wasn’t tight… but it was right.

DIY Industrial EarringsUse the pliers to tuck the excess wire.  If it really drives you nuts, cut it off with wire cutters.  Being a lover of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’ve grown to love a good tuck.

Wire Earrings

Carefully slip the gorgeous little pearl onto the fish-hook.  You can use pliers to move everything around and straighten it all up.

Easy Fall Earrings These earrings are fall perfection.  I’m loving the way they look with rugged plaids.