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Hooray!  It’s officially the end of summer.  I know that makes a lot of people sad, but I freaking love fall.  Fall is everything… the weather’s perfect, the clothes are sickening, and I live for boots.  I get so excited when school’s back in because I can walk the pugs without running into a shitload of people.


I hate making small talk with stranger danger.  Anyway, here’s an easy little fall DIY to kick off my fave season.

TightsStart off with an old pair of sweater leggings or tights.  These were like five years old and super uncomfortable.

BootsCut the leggings/tights to whatever length you desire.  You can even cut the feet off too.

Sweater WeatherI love little leg warmers with boots.  They’re a must have for chilly mornings when it’s not quite tights weather… and who doesn’t love a pop of sweater.