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Dickie’s are so 1963, it’s all about the lonely collar now.

DIY Embellished CollarSometimes I really do like the look of a collar, and an embellished collar is pretty much a necklace.  Adding embellishments to a collar is pretty self explanatory, but here’s the how to.

Fall Style

Start off with an old collar.  I used a mens shirt and cut along the seams to remove the collar.

DIY Fall CollarCarefully lay out whatever you want to add to the collar.  I went with gold chains, I really like gold and copper throughout fall.

DIY Fall FashionUse a glue gun or fabric glue to secure the embellishments.

Embellished CollarSo cute.  I’m loving the look of this collar paired with solid colored sweaters.

DIY CollarI’m feelin it… but I prob should’ve used a white collar, white matches everything.