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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Graphic Tee’s From Old Navy

Graphic TeesObsessed.  I was caught off guard when I went to Old Navy and they had a plain white shirt with black lettering that said “Holy Chic”… whoa Old Navs.  I had to get it, and it ended up being the most comfortable tee ever.  I went back and bought more the next day.  I’m stuck in a style rut right now.  I want to wear sweaters and boots but it’s too warm.  So, I’m feeling these graphic tees paired with skirts and a statement necklace.  It’s dressy but effortless.  I’m loving it, and these tees are like $12.

My Pug Portrait 

Pug PortraitA few weeks ago I was given the best portrait ever.  I love it so much.  I was starting to hate the bright colors of my house and I had a massive urge to paint.

Fun DecorNow I’m thinking bright is right.

Sage + Thyme

Fall ScentsYessssssss.  I love Glade’s fall scents.  The Sage & Thyme Market is everything.  I want my house to smell like it all the time.  However, I wish Glade would keep the same fall scent every year.  There’s always your standard pumpkin pie and apple cin, but the fall scent is always dif.  Two years ago it was Rosemary Sage, last year it was Fall Hayride, this year it’s Sage & Thyme Market.  All of these scents smell fairly similar, is Glade just changing the name to make more people interested?  Farmers markets are all the rage right now.

River House Pizza

Brick Oven PizzaPizza’s my fave.  I think this za is extra good because you can only get it on Saturday from 9-1 in Ellicott City.  The pizza’s aren’t always the same, but they’re always amazing.  This is hands down the best pizza I’ve ever had.

River House PizzaIt does take about 15-20 minutes after ordering, but it’s worth the wait.  I plan my entire Saturday around the goat cheese pizza.

What I’m Hating

People that don’t push their chairs in.

RudeIt’s really not that hard.  I feel like this is something that should be embedded in your brain.  When you get up, push you’re freaking chair in.  Why the hell would you not?  It’s rude and disgusting to not push your chair in… serving up white trash.

Happy Sunday ♡