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This was a total impulse DIY…

Furniture UpgradeI’ve wanted a new coffee table for a really long time, but I can’t find the perfect one.  The one that I have is too bulky and I think it’s ugly.

DIY Painted Table

I figured if I painted it, then maybe I wouldn’t hate it so much.  Here’s what I did.

Table Makeover

I started off by sanding the table down.  A nice smooth surface is easier to work with.

Spray Paint

I filled the little outline with hot glue because I didn’t want the paint to clump up in there.  Then I gots ta paintin.  I should’ve taken a lil trip to Home Depot to get chalk paint, but since this came out of nowhere I ended up using Krylon spray paint.  It took three cans to give the table a nice grey coating.

Coffee Table MakeoverI gave the table about four hours to dry completely.  When it was dry I picked the hot glue out of the cracks and went back in with the sander.  I didn’t want to the table to have a glossy finish, I wanted it roughed up.

Easy Painted Table It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement!

Painted Coffee TableI like the way this grey looks, it breaks up all of the sandy shades in my living room.  I’d totally do this again using chalk paint.