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The same things that I snack on throughout summer just don’t seem appealing when the weather changes.  I no longer want fresh fruit and salad… I want warm savory snacks, but I still want them to be healthy.

Healthy AppetizerI had a few bananas in my kitch this week, and I decided to make little baked banana bites.  Turns out it’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.  Here’s how to make them.

Baked Bananas

Start with a bowl of diced bananas.  I would use one banana for every two people snacking.

Fall SnackMix 1/2 cup of flour and 2 tablespoons of cinny.

Cinnamon Baked BananasAdd a 1/2 cup of water and blend until the mix is thick n pasty.

Easy Fall SnackAdd the bananas to the mix one spoonful at a time.  Make sure each banana is evenly coated, then transfer to a freshly PAMela’d baking sheet.

Healthy SnackTry to spread the bananas out, don’t let them clump together.  Bake the bananas at 375° for 10 – 15 mins.  

Honey Vanilla YogurtWhile the b’s are baking, you can whip up a little yogurt dip.  I just used vanilla yogurt with some honey thrown into the mix.

Yogurt Dip

Mix the yogurt + honey and top it off with granola.

Easy Baked Bananas

When the bananas are done they should be a nice dark brown… kind of like a tot.

Healthy Fall SnackThese are so freaking good.  The bananas taste insanely decadent.  This is an awesome little appetizer or snack, they taste like some sort of fair comfort food (like funnel cake)… but the banana bites are healthy!