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I’m mad for plaid.

Fall StyleWho isn’t.  It’s really easy to add little plaid accents to old tee dresses, cardigans, and long-sleeved tees.  I like to pop them on in the form of elbow patches and Peter Pan collars.  Here’s the how to.

DIY Fall StyleStart off with an old piece of clothing, I went with a really boring tee dress.  You’ll also need some plaid fabric, I actually used the sleeve of an old flannel.

Easy Peter Pan CollarUse a piece of paper to draw the outline of the neck of your shirt/dress.  I hate it when the collar doesn’t line up properly… that’s why you can’t just print a template.

DIY Peter Pan Collar

Refer to the neck outline to draw the perfect shape for you.  You can print a template and go outside (or inside) the lines.  I just freehand it when it comes to Peter Pan collars, they’re pretty easy to draw.  You’ll need an oval shape too.  I used my Lysol automatic soap dispenser and traced it, it’s the perfect oval.  Carefully cut your shapes out.

Peter Pan Collar

Secure the templates to the fabric using scotch tape.  The tape holds everything in place and makes it a lot easier to cut out.

DIY Elbow Patches

If the ends are fraying, give them a little shape up… with fabric scissors.  Plug in a glue gun and place a piece of cardboard in the dress to keep the two sides separate.  Glue the collar on.  You could also use regular fabric glue, or even sew (but I suck at sewing and have no patience).

Elbow Patches

When the collar dries, put the shirt/dress on.  Bend your arm and put a piece of scotch tape on both bows.

Fall UpdatePlace a water bottle in the sleeve of your shirt (to keep everything separated), and glue the elbow patches on.

Plaid CollarEmbellishments optional.  I found these two little flowers and thought they matched perfectly, so I glued them on.

Fall Fashion

I’m loving this dress, it’s like I went shopping and got a new fall piece.