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Mail time!

September Glam BagLove the bag.  This is one of the cutest bags that I’ve ever received.  The little bag is kind of spacious, it’s sooo fall, and it’s pretty durable.  I’d totally use it.  Here’s what was inside.

Briogeo, Don’t Despair Repair (deep conditioning mask)

Hair MaskI dye my hair a lot so I love a good deep conditioning.  I don’t love shampoo or conditioner samples because they’re wee little, this one probably has two uses for me.  The mask smells like Queen Helene Cocoa Butta, and it’s like a very particular cocoa butter scent (that I don’t want my hair to smell like).  I found the mask to be a little greasy.  My hair was weighed down and I had to wash it the next day… usually I wash every other day.  I’ll use the rest of the mask up but I’d never buy it.

Leanni Eco, 3 in 1 Revolution Light


 This claims it’s a toner, serum, and moisturizer in one… I think that’s bullshit.  I used this as a moisturizer and I really like it.  The product brings the hydration while remaining light.  I used this before bed and when I woke up my skin looked amaze.  This would be the perfect summer moisturizer, but I’m not sure if it’s strong enough for fall/winter.

Crown Brush, Crease/Shadow Brush

Crease BrushBushes are my fave item to get in a Glam Bag.  I hate paying for makeup brushes because they’re so freaking expensive.  I always try to wait it out until I get one in a subscription.  I like this brush a lot.  It’s the perfect size for my eyes, and the bristles are soft but strong.  I’m happy with it.

Pacifica, Eyeliner in Fringe

Brown EyelinerI was beyond excited that this eyeliner was brown, but I hate Pacifica makeup.  Pacifica makeup has zero staying power.  Even with a primer the eyeshadows don’t stay put for more than an hour.  The eyeliner is exactly the same.  My face was covered in liner a few seconds after applying.  Love the color, hate the product.

Hikari Lipstick, Cabernet

Fall LipsDef not Cabernet color, but I like it.  Red lips don’t go with my skin tone at all.  I like to use pink/purple shades and this lipstick was more raspberry than cabernet.  The color is nice, but the lipstick doesn’t have much staying power… you’ll def need liner.

The Verdict

Could be better.  I feel like Ipsy is not following the seasons.  I found this bag a little more summer than fall… but technically it’s still summer.