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I love Grandma floral print.

Stylish NecklaceI think these florals shine in spring and fall.  They look amazing when they’re paired with unexpected elements… like chunky knits and brown leather.  Here’s how to turn out a little vintagesque necklace.

DIY Fall Necklace You’ll need chain, eye pins, jump rings, and a closure.  I like copper because it’s never as bright as silver and gold… it’s like the bad boy of the metallics.

Vintage NecklaceYou’re going to need beads too.  I scored these at Michael’s a long time ago, but I’m sure they have some sort of vintagey bead option.

DIY NecklaceLay the beads out and figure out how you want to connect them, then use the eye pins to work it out.  You can also use wire instead of eye pins.

DIY Fall JewelryUse mini pliers to make everything tight and right.  You’ll probably need to do a little twist and tuck action.  Cut off any excess wire with wire cutters.

Fall NecklaceIf you need to, use jump rings to connect everything.  This step may not be necessary depending on the type of bead you’re using.

Fall AccessoriesYou will need to use the jump rings to connect the beads to the chain.

Easy DIY NecklaceYou’ll need those little guys to connect the closure too.  The good thing about DIY jewelry is that you don’t have to wait for anything to dry.  When you’re finished, you can wear it immediately!

DIY Fall AccessoriesJ’adore fall colors.