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It’s finally October!  So, I figured what better way to kick off Halloween month than with a super easy costume.

PLL A Costume

“A” is the easiest costume ever.  Being a pretty little liar would be easy too, but you’d have to fight over who wants to be who.  “A” can work for a boy or a girl, one person or large groups, and you can make it sexy or totally not.  All you need is red masking tape (or fabric paint), a black hat, black gloves, and black clothing.

PLL Halloween Costume

Use the tape to make a giant “A” on the front or back of your shirt.  I decided to do both sides.

Pretty Little Liars Costume Easy Halloween Costume

Throw an all black outfit together.  Don’t forget little gloves!


Everybody watches PLL, even if they don’t… they know who “A” is.

DIY PLL Costume

You can wear leggings and black tees/hoodies, it will keep you cozy.  You could also go a lil sexy with a mini, tights, and a crop top… just make sure you top it off with the hat and gloves.

Happy October