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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

The Pig Nose Emoji

Piggy NoseCan’t stop, won’t stop.  I freaking love putting this nose on Gus… he’s such a little piggy.  It’s the next best thing to having a micro pig.

Nudie Nails

Nude NailsI don’t usually use the Color Show polishes, I’ve used one before it chipped easily.  However, this one was only like $3 so I decided to try it.  I like a dark nude.  My own shade of nude would make my hands look weird, this is almost brown compared to my skin.  I had better luck with this polish, it stayed put all week.  I’m loving this shade (Better In Buff) as a little transition into darker colors.

Fake Venus’s 

Generic Razors Razor blades are insanely expensive, I hate buying them so much.  Waxing sucks too, growing your body hair out before you can wax is disgusting.  I usually buy the little Venus pack with a new razor and 2 blades for $11 because it’s cheaper than buying new blades.  When I was at Target I saw these fake disposable Venus’s… an entire 5 pack for like $5.  Whenever a Target product says “Compare to” it’s usually on point.  These razors were essentially Venus’s in disguise.

Lil Bites 

Twix BitesWhy is candy sooo much better in lil bites?  Twix bites are perfection.

What I’m Hating

Steve Harvey.

Steve HarveyI have no idea why I hate Steve Harvey but I do.  I can’t even.  Whenever I come home from work he’s on TV and I have to change it immediately.  Steve’s my pet peeve.