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I guess I’ve got a thing for little book characters… last year I did Madeline.  This year I’m doing Eloise.

DIY Eloise Costume I love Eloise, and as an added bonus we both have pugs!  An Eloise costume is appropriate for all ages and can be easily modified.  I’ll show you how I threw mine together, and go over the modifications at the end of this post.  Here’s how to turn it out.

DIY Halloween CostumeStart off with an old white tee.  It doesn’t matter if it has sleeves or not.

Easy Eloise CostumeGoogle “Eloise” and print out some lettering.  Grab a fabric marker, sharpie, or gold leafing pen.  You could easily skip this part, but it will save you from idiots asking what you are all night.

EloiseIf you have good handwriting, freehand Eloise onto your shirt.  If you’re handwriting’s not great, trace the lettering (I did).

DIY CostumeI decided to crop my shirt, it was a little long for my liking.  Now the hard part is done!  You just need the following to finish your costume:

  • red ribbon
  • black ribbon
  • velcro
  • little black shoes
  • black bottoms

Give yourself some messy curls, I love Garnier’s Texture Tease.  Tie the red ribbon in your hair.  If you can’t get it to stay, glue a red bow to a bobby pin and then put it in your hair.


You will need two pieces of black ribbon, they will act kind of like suspenders.  Put a little velcro on the back of your bottoms and on each end of the ribbon.  Attach them while crossing.  Place two pieces of velcro on the front of your bottoms.  Bring the ribbon to the front and attach it.  You don’t have to use velcro, I just hate sewing and didn’t want to use glue.


Finally, toss on your lil shoes… pug optional.

Eloise Costume

I love love love this costume.  It makes me want to watch the Eloise Christmas movie.  Here’s a few different ways to wear the costume:

  • If you’re a teacher you can wear this with a white tee and pencil skirt.  Switch out the white socks for a pair of white tights.
  • If you’re going to a party, crop the tee and wear a mini.  Werq thigh highs and black heels/boots.
  • If it’s freezing out, wear thick black tights, a black sweater skirt, and a long-sleeved white tee.
  • If you want this to be a couples costume, have the uglier person be Nanny.
  • You can even wear pants if skirts aren’t your thing.  I’d go with a high-waisted skinny jean and cropped tee.  But hey, a slouchy tee and leggings will work too if you’re lazy.

Anything can work as long as you have the little red bow and the name Eloise somewhere.  If you don’t want to write on your clothes, get a name tag.

 Loves it