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Every year I make a new sweater skirt.

Sweater SkirtThey’re an easy way to switch up your wardrobe without going shopping.  This year my sweater skirt’s a little different… it’s a no sew!  Here’s how to turn one out.

No Sew Sweater SkirtStart off with an old sweater.  The bigger the sweater, the easier it will be to work with (I like to use mens sweaters). Stripes are also a nice way to kind of cheat, they provide you with a nice guideline.

DIY Sweater SkirtCut a straight line just under the arm holes of the sweater.

PugsIf you want, you can save the scraps for a gorgeous dog cape.

Easy Sweater SkirtTurn the sweater skirt inside out, fold the top over a half-inch to an inch, and use a seam ripper to make two little holes in the front area of the skirt.  This is going to be where your drawstring will be.

Fall Sweater SkirtI used a piece of the sweater for my drawstring, but you can use ribbon, elastic, or anything that will tie and hold throughout the day.  Carefully take your drawstring and stick each end through the newly made holes.

Fall DIYTuck the drawstring under the fold that you previously made.

Sweater Skirt DIYCarefully glue the fold down.  Be sure that you don’t get any glue on the drawstring or it will be stuck in place.

Sweater Skirt Style

Sweater skirts are so easy to make.  I love them with long-sleeved tees, tights, and a little hat… soooo fall.