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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous, 3 in 1

Drugstore FoundationI get really sad when it’s time to get fall/winter foundation.  I know foundation is probably like the one makeup item that you should splurge on, but I never do… I’d rather get an Urban Decay palette and drugstore foundation.  I like Covergirl foundations because they don’t ever go orange or yellow on you.  I’m obsessed with this foundation, it provides major coverage while looking natural.

Degree Motion Sense, Daisy Fresh 

Motion Sense DeoderantI switch up deodorant all the time.  I find smelling good extremely important.  If you smell bad, I’m going to talk about you behind your back… it’s gross.  Anyway, I hate powdery scents and was intrigued by this Daisy Fresh scent before I even knew it was motion activated.  This smells amazing and it really does work for 48 hours, get it.

Pink, Warm & Cozy Mini  

Mini FragranceAs I said before, smelling good a must.  Throughout summer I keep a rollerball with me, but I don’t like them when it gets colder.  Victoria’s Secret has the best size mini fragrances.  I’m feeling Pink’s Warm & Cozy, it goes well with a lot of other fall scented lotions.  This is what I’ve been keeping with me for a mid day freshie fresh.

Pumpkin Milano’s

Pumpkin Milanos

Yessss.  I love a Milano of any flavor.

What I’m Hating

My quiz results.

WhatWhat the hell.  I don’t even remember what this quiz was, but I think it was like what Disney character are you.  I’d be OK with Cruella, or even Ursula… but not this old hag (even if the results are spot on).  Yuck.