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I love lil snow hats.

DIY Turban BeanieNovember is my favorite month.  The weather is perfection.  It’s just chilly enough to wear a jacket and hat, but not too cold where you want to cry.  Here’s how to turn out a stylish beanie.

DIY Winter HatStart off with an old sweater.

DIY BeanieCut the bottom band off of the sweater.  If your band is thin, cut off some excess fabric with the band.  Measure the fabric in accordance with your head and create the turban shape…

DIY Turban Headband

1.  Place the fabric at the nape of your neck, cross the two pieces of fabric.

2.  Cross them again.

3.  Take those pieces to the back of your head, hold in place, and carefully slip the band off of your head (without losing shape).

Easy DIY Beanie

Sew the two loose pieces together.  Sweaters are the easiest thing to sew, your stitches can be pretty atrocious without being noticeable.

Stylish Winter Hat

Cut another piece of the sweater that’s large enough to cover the opening of the hat.  If you want to, you can totally skip this part and just rock turban ear warmers.

DIY HatCut and shape the new piece of fabric to fit in your hat.  This is the final touch so once it fits, sew or glue it in.  When everything dries you’ll have a stylish little beanie.

Winter Beanie

I don’t know what it is about turban styles, but I find them so chic.  They dress everything up while adding a touch of style.  I can’t wait to rock this with sweater dresses throughout the upcoming holiday season.