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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Bath & Body Works, Brown Sugar & Fig

Brown Sugar FigI jump around from scent to scent all the time.  Right now I’m feelin Brown Shugs + Fig.  This is an ideal fall scent for me… it’s light and it’s not vanilla.  I get sick of vanilla really easily, I like things a little dif but similar like brown sugar or amber.

Carmex, Protecting Cherry Lip Balm

CarmexIt’s hard to find the perfect chapstick.  I have like 500 chapsticks but I always get tired of them or lose them.  Carmex is the shit, but I hate the tubes and pots totally suck.  Ewww, I hate it when people with dirty fingers put their hands in a pot of lip product and contaminate it.  Anyway, this chapstick is just as soft as the softlips cubes and it’s mega hydrating.  I love the softlips cubes but they don’t fit anywhere but a purse.  I’m totally going to buy more of these the second I accidentally wash this one with my clothes.

Woodchuck Cider 

CiderSometimes I get sick of pumpkin beer.


SweatpantsI rarely wear sweatpants but I’m obsessed with these.  They’re like tighty sweats.  I believe these are the gym pant from Pink.  They are seriously the most comfortable sweats I’ve ever put on, and I love that they aren’t super baggy.  I should probably go get more before winter.

What I’m Hating

When the lid of a lipstick comes off in your purse.

HateI freaking hate when the lid of a lipstick comes off in your purse and gets all over everything.  It sucks.  You have to take everything out and wipe it all off, and the inside of your purse is just wrecked.  This happens to me way more than it should.