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Thanksgiving decor can be insanely stylish.

DIY CoastersLittle things can make your Thanksgiving table pop.  Here’s how to turn out a few little coasters (which you can modify for any holiday).

Thanksgiving DIYStart off with a piece of wood and use a saw to cut it into little slices.  My slices ranged from 1/4 – 1/2 inches thick.

DIY Wood CoastersBake the wood slices at 350° for about 40 minutes to kill any potential bugs.  When it comes to small insects I find it better safe than sorry.  

DIY ThanksgivingTake your wood slices outside and place stickers, leaves, or any other type of stencil over them.

DIY Thanksgiving DecorSpray paint the wood.

Thanksgiving CoastersWhen the paint dries, coat the coasters in a layer of mod podge.  The mod podge keeps the coasters from being gritty.

DIY Thanksgiving Coasters

Metallic coasters are so chic.  If you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving, you can tie the coasters up with ribbon or twine and gift them to your host… along with a bottle of vino.