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I feel like I’ve seen this exact bag before…

November Glam Bagbut I don’t hate it.  I hoard all of my Glam Bags in a closet like I’m going to do something with them, and I never do.  I really don’t know what I would do with them anyway.  Here’s what was inside.

 Tarte, Maracuja Oil

TarteIt’s always exciting when you find a big brand in your Glam Bag.

Maracuja OilI had never heard of this oil before but I love a good facial product.  This oil is supposed to firm, brighten, and moisturize skin… and I think it did.  This oils feels so good on your face, it’s crazy silky.  It also absorbs quickly so you aren’t an oily mess.  I would def buy this, and the sample bottle is adorable.

Be A Bombshell, Eye Base in Submissive

Eye BaseBe A Bombshell samples are always large and in charge.

Be A BombshellMeh, I don’t like cream shadows they crease really easily on me.  But… I’d rather have a larger cream eyeshadow sample then a single powder one.  I do like the color, it’s a shade that’s probably flattering on everyone.  It’s a nice golden bronze.  I’ll totally use this on no makeup days when I run to Target.

Elizabeth Mott, You’re So Fine Eyeliner in Glitterati

EyelinerI think I like this packaging better than the actual product.

Liquid LinerI’m not a huge liquid liner fan, and I’m not loving the silver glitter in the liner.  I’ll probably use this during holiday season even though it’s not my thing.

 Wet N Wild, Megaslicks Balm Stain in Lady And The Vamp

Lip StainI kind of feel like I discovered these because I’ve been raving about them since summer… even though deep down I know I didn’t.  I have a whole bunch of these balm stains but shockingly I don’t have this color.

Winter LipsI was a little nervous about this shade because I thought it was going to be a really thick bordeaux… it turned out to be more of a raspberry beret.  I’m obsessed, this shade is perfect for fair skin.

Oil of Morocco, Argan Oil Hairspray

HairsprayI don’t use a ton of hairspray, I stick to dry shampoo.  I don’t like the way this bottle looks, it looks like something that someone would try to sell you out of the trunk of their car.  This hairspray’s ok, it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy but I’ll probably stick with $2 Suave flexible hold.

The Verdict

Finally, a totally awesome bag.  I haven’t had a bag this good in a really long time.  I like everything in it, and it all works together for one cohesive look.  Loves it.