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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Eucalyptus Bubble Bath

Bubble BathSince it’s been kinda chilly lately, taking baths has become my hobby.  I like to take my tablet into the bathroom and watch like 2 hours of Netflix from the tub.  I’m in love with this Eucalyptus bubble bath.  It’s so perfect.

Cherry Blossom Shamp + Condish

Cherry Blossom ShampooI always forget how much I like this shampoo and conditioner.  I’d been using the Herbal Essences Naked line for a couple of months until I saw the big bottles of Organix on sale (I think it was at Target).  The Cherry Blossom Ginseng smells amazing and the scent stays in your hair until you wash it.  I love it when something smells good and I’m like oh wait, that’s my hair.

Huge Scarves 

Cozy ScarvesI’m loving extremely oversized scarves.  Like the kind that are the size of a blanket.

Big ScarfThis one’s from Target and I could live in it.

Doggie Christmas Outfits

Dog Christmas ClothesFestive pugs are everything.

What I’m Hating

Greek yogurt.

Greek YogurtI want to like greek yogurt and I always try to… but I hate it so much.  It tastes like sour cream that has gone bad.  The texture is disgusting and I have to gag it down whenever I attempt to eat it.  I often buy the greek yogurt version of cottage cheese doubles to try to be healthy… and I eat all of the fun stuff out of the yogurt and throw it away.  Greek yogurt sucks.