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Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be fabulous.

Stocking StufferEveryone loves sleeping which makes eye masks the perfect little gift.  You can give these to groups of friends, coworkers, or even use them as stocking stuffers.  Here’s how to turn out easy eye masks.

Christmas DIYStart off with a sturdy but soft fabric… that sounds so weird.  You could use anything with a little puff in it, something quilted, or old makeup bags.  I used my old Glam Bags, I’d been trying to figure out what do with them for like two years.

DIY Sleep MaskUse a pair of sunglasses as a guide to draw the shape of typical eye mask onto your fabric.

DIY Eye MaskBe like Joey Gladstone and cut it out.

LeopardYou’re going to cover the original piece of fabric with a new one.  This will provide cushioning and add style.  This means you’ll need more fabric, but you can use anything.  I used the sleeve of an old sweater.

Leopard Eye MaskCut out two more eye mask shapes from the new fabric.  Make sure they are 1/4 of an inch bigger than the original one.

DIY Christmas GiftNow make an eye mask sandwich.  I used a glue gun to secure everything.

Easy Christmas GiftThere will be excess fabric around the entire outer edge of the mask.

DIY GiftYou can glue those edges down if you want, but I think it looks cleaner if you finalize the look by sewing.  Sew along the middle piece of fabric then trim the excess fabric off.  Complete the mask by sewing/gluing on a piece of elastic.

Sleep MaskI love a sleep mask.  Sweater fabric makes it soooo cozy, perfect for winter.  These make the cutest little gifts.  You can make a bunch of them at once and wrap them each in tissue paper… so chic.