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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.

Pine Scented Candles

Pine Candles

This is the first year that I’ve decided not to get a Christmas tree.  Trees are fun but if you aren’t entertaining anyone they tend to be hassle.  Christmas trees are messy, expensive, and you have to worry about watering them regularly… that’s a pain in the ass.  However, I love the way that fresh pine smells.  I figured I’d get tons of pine candles and place them throughout my house since I’m not getting a tree.  Rite Aid always has candles for 50% off, they’re no Yankee but they aren’t that bad!

Wet N Wild Megalast

Wet N Wild MegalastWet N Wild is so cheap but they have amazing lip products.  All of their lipsticks/stains/balms deliver.  I wanted to go get another double pencil/crayon but all of the colors left were ugly, so I settled for this.  The shelf that this was on said 8 hour stay power.

Red LipsI thought this was going to be a gloss and it’s sooo not.  It has the applicator of a gloss and it goes on like a gloss, but it dries after one minute.  It does dry your lips out, but the staying power is no joke.  I got the shade Red My Mind and it was only $3.

Cheap Dog Beds

Cheap Dog BedsBoth of my dogs like to tear apart their beds and pull all of the stuffing out… so we go through a lot of beds.  You can rarely find one under $30 at a pet store, but sometimes Rite Aid has these little beds for like $5-$10.  I scored this one for $5.99 and it should last us a couple of months.

Burger King French Fries

French FriesI don’t eat meat so the only thing that I eat at fast food places is fries.  Burger King fries are the bomb.

What I’m Hating

A badish haircut.

Bad HaircutI got a haircut a few weeks ago and I wanted a long bob and specifically said don’t cut above my collarbone.  I’ve been going to my hair stylist for 3 or 4 years and he usually listens… this time he didn’t.  He gave me the Lauren Conrad bob and told me that everyone would have this haircut in a month.  That may be true and it’s a good haircut, but it’s not what I wanted and I hate that.  If someone tells you not to go above a certain length, don’t freaking do it.  It’s not that hard to listen.  It’s not about what the cutter thinks would look good, it’s about what I want.  I hate it when people don’t listen to me, and I hate my hair this short.