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Tyra Banks always talks about ugly-pretty, and I totally get her.

Holiday NecklaceUgly-pretty is something that people have to think about before realizing they love it… like pugs, harem pants, statement jewelry, and ugly Christmas sweaters.  Here’s how to turn out an ugly-pretty holiday necklace.

Christmas Decor

Start off with a small garland.  I used the kind with little red balls, I’ve never known what the balls are supposed to be… cranberries, pom seeds, lights, holly berries?  This type of garland is probably ideal because it’s not glittery or bulky, and it’s easy to maneuver.

DIY Christmas NecklaceCut the garland into 2 pieces for a necklace (using wire cutters).  Make sure one is cut longer than the other.

DIY NecklaceWrap the wild strands around the main portion of the garland.  It should look like little Christmas lights all wrapped up.

DIY Holiday NecklaceWhen the wrapping is done, the garland will start to resemble a necklace.

Easy DIY NecklaceAfter both pieces have been wrapped, you’ll need two eye pins, two jump rings, and a lobster claw closure.

DIY Statement NecklacePlace the ends of each piece of garland together and tightly wrap an eye pin around both sides.

Holiday Style

Make sure the eye is pointing upwards because a jump ring will be attached to each one.

Holiday JewelryAttach a jump ring to each eye pin and a clasp on one of them.

Christmas Necklace

I love this necklace.  The more you look at it, the chicer it gets.