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I was pretty excited for my Glam Bag since last months was da bomb.

December Glam BagI found the actual bag to be quite fugly… I already threw it away.  I don’t love the color black and the heart seemed really fifth grade pencil case.  It is the holiday season after all, a gold or silver bag would’ve been ideal.  Here’s what was inside.

 Nourish Organic, Renewing Eye Cream

Eye CreamI feel like I’ve received this in a subscription before, but I don’t know what or when (or if it even happened).  This was ok but I prefer Olay or Ponds.  The cream felt thick at first but it absorbed soo fast and left a greasy residue.  I’ll use this up but I’d never buy it.

Cailyn, Mineral Shadow in Orchid

Natural EyesI don’t like Cailyn’s packaging, it’s always big and bulky.  However, this time it works.

EyeshadowThe eyeshadow lid is an applicator which means no mess!  The color of the shadow is like a rose gold champagne.  Cailyn’s Orchid is very similar (but not as good) to NYX’s Ultra Pearl Mania in Nude and Mica’s shimmer powder in Earth.  After using the applicator to apply the mineral powder I realized it sucked.  Good idea, bad execution.  I wish the applicator was a little brush instead of a cheap ass sponge.  I would use this, it’s flattering on everyone… but there’s a lot of similar and better options out there.

Tarte, Lights Camera Lashes

Tarte MascaraI always see people using this mascara on YouTube but I’ve never tried it.  Mascara isn’t a makeup item that I like to splurge on because I think there are a lot of good drugstore options.  The mascara was fine, I didn’t think it was clumpy but I’m a bad judge of mascara.  The only one that stands out to me is the Michelle Phan one that has the lash lengthening fibers in it.

Nyx Butter Lip Balm, Red Velvet

Nyx Butter BalmI was totally disappointed in this balm.  I love the butter lipsticks and glosses so I had really high expectations for the butter balm.  For some reason I thought this would be a lot more pigmented, like a lipstick that felt like a balm.  The color was sheer and disappointing… it gave me jungle juice lips.  I found the Red Velvet butter balm to be a total twin to Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

Bumble and Bumble, Straight Blow Dry

Bumble and BumbleI LOVE Bumble and Bumble but this product doesn’t really apply to me.  I never ever blow dry my hair.  I always wash my hair at night, let it air dry, sleep on it, straighten it in the morning, then curl it with a wand.  It’s a serious process and blow drying doesn’t fit in.  I’m sure this product is amazing, everything that Bumble does is.  I wish it was surf spray instead.

The Verdict

Good but not great.  I don’t know if my expectations were too high, but I thought everything failed to deliver.  I still like all the brands though.