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You’ve got to have snow, mistletoe, and presents under the Christmas tree.

Wrapping GiftsWrapping gifts can totally suck… but it can also be really fun.  Bags, bows, and wrapping paper can be expensive and you don’t need to spend extra money during the holiday season.  Here’s a few different ways to wrap your presents in style and on a budget.

Pretty Gift WrappingAll you really have to buy is tissue paper!  Get a larger pack with fifty (or more) sheets.  I like to wrap all gifts like this so I use a neutral color like grey or tan.  You can use white tissue paper but most of the time you can see right though it.

Fun Xmas WrappingYou’ll also need some type of embellishment(s).  You can use extra holiday decor, broken jewelry, or even sprigs of pine.

Option 1: The Purse

This option works best with smaller items like jewelry.

Holiday Gift WrappingStart off with two or three sheets of tissue paper (I like to use three).  Fold the paper into itself until it’s the width of the item you’re wrapping.  Make a little pocket for the gift and place the gift inside.  Fold the gift up to the top then unfold it once.  Fold the top of the paper down to make a point and close the gift.  Use a glue gun to seal everything and attach a few embellishments.  When I wrap a gift like this I usually place my embellishments horizontally along the purse flap.

 Option 2: The Candy

The candy roll works best with clothing or other soft items that usually require a bag.

Gift Wrapping

Place your gift at the top center of the tissue paper (once again use two or three sheets) and roll.  When it’s completely rolled up use a piece of tape or glue to seal it.  Usually double stick tape is ideal for gift wrapping, but when you use layers of tissue paper it’s best to use old school scotch.  Tie the ends shut with ribbon, twine, or wire.  I used a couple of pieces from a Christmas garland.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts Trim the ends of the candy to make them neater and add embellishments.  Rhinestones and pearls make excellent snowflakes.

Option 3: The Norm

This is the way that most people wrap gifts, it works best for boxes.

Wrapping PresentsI feel like everyone knows how to do this, but if you don’t… Place your gift in the center of the tissue paper.  I usually use four or five sheets for this because boxes are easy to read through tissue paper.  Fold the paper over the gift and secure with tape, then fold the ends in.  Add a fun embellishment.  I used another piece from an old garland.


After I wrap each item I usually take a sharpie (in a matching color), and write the recipient’s name directly on the gift.  This makes everything easy and you don’t have to buy cards or gift tags!  I always wrap gifts the second that I get them so I don’t dread it later… but watching a Christmas movie and drinking some wine while you get your wrap on can be so freaking fun.