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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.  

J.Crew Cotton Cable Sweater

Perfect SweaterThis is the most perfect sweater in the world.  It’s versatile enough to wear all year.  A navy cable knit sweater matches with brown leather skirts and booties in the fall, jeans and boots during winter, various maxi skirts throughout spring, and even jorts on a chilly summer night.  This is probably my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe, I love a good sweater.

Red Lips for Fair Skin 

Red LipstickMy skin is super fair and it’s hard to find a good red lipstick (I usually stick to pinky shades).  I love Wet N Wild lipstick because it lasts for a few hours, has a matte finish, and is like $2.

Red LipsThis red isn’t a blue red, it’s more of an orange one.  The color brightens up fair skin rather than washing it out.

Fun Leggings

Fun LeggingsI scored these leggings at Old Navy for $10 a piece… sweet deal.  I’ve been looking for leopard leggings for a little while and I thought the faux leather was fun.  Patterned leggings are an easy way to look stylish without trying.

Garnier Cleansing Oil

Cleansing OilI tend to like a gritty face wash but this was on sale so I tried it.  I love it.  I never thought I’d like an oil based cleanser but this really hydrates my dry skin.  I don’t know if I’d use this during summer but it’s a winter must have.

What I’m Hating

Cable companies.

Cable WiresVerizon was charging me an insane amount so I recently switched to Comcast.  Comcast forgot to give me a DVR box and they told me I have to go swap the box myself… at a service center that’s like 30 or 40 minutes away.  They also told me that they would come and bury these wires within two weeks of the installation.  It’s been almost one month and my wires are still above ground.  What the hell.  Netflix is the only TV that I can rely on.