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Here’s a few things that I was into this week… and one that I wasn’t.  

Dramatic and Smokey Face & Eye Trio

VS PaletteI got this little palette on clearance from Victoria’s Secret for like $7, and I’m shockingly pleased with it.

Spring MakeupI threw this in my cart because I was like $5 away from free shipping.  At first I was just using the bronzer which I happen to love.  Then I used the shadow one day… I thought I’d look like a mouse because pink doesn’t work with fair skin, but I didn’t.  The pink and purple gave me a natural spring-ish smokey eye and the bronzer made my skin glow.  I feel like Victoria’s Secret discontinues everything so this is probably already gone, but I hope they come out with a beachy summer palette.

Clinique Shadow Quad


I really don’t know if this is a sample or not (someone gave it to me), but it’s like the size of a drugstore palette.

Spring Eyeshadow

The colors in this little quad are sunset-y and perfect for spring.  At the beginning of the year I like to lighten up makeup and use soft sheer shimmer eyeshadow with a bold lip.  I’ve been kind of neglecting my Naked palettes for this little Clinique and VS one.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses

I have really sensitive eyes and sometimes if I get moisturizer or shampoo in them they won’t stop watering, so I wear fake glasses to keep the watering at bay.  I get most of my glasses from Amazon and I just got this pair.  I love cat eye glasses.

What I’m Hating

Crumpled sleeves.

Crumpled SleevesI hate it when I wash and dry a shirt without unrolling the sleeves.  I get stuck with atrocious crumpled sleeves.  Even if I rewash, the crumple is still there.  It takes a hot minute to get rid of this situation and like one second to prevent.  Uggh.