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Not sunglasses… champagne glasses!

Glitter Heart GlassesGlitter isn’t just for New Year’s.  You can add little glitter hearts to any type of glassware for a fun girls night in, an easy V-Day gift, or even a Valentine’s party.  Here’s how to do it.

Glitter Champagne GlassesYou can find really cheap glasses at Target, Walmart, or the dollar store.

Valentines DIYPrint out a small heart shape and cut the inside out.

Valentines GlassesSecure the heart(s) to the glass(es) with tape.

Valentines Champagne GlassesPaint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the heart.

GlitterAdd glitter and peel off the tape.  This isn’t dishwasher safe but it’s a festive way to decorate glasses for different holidays.  If you want this to be permanent Martha Stewart makes different glitter craft paints that you can use.


Garnish your glasses with a rose petal… so chic.