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Valentine’s Day is like my kick off to spring.


I know it’s winter for another month or two, but every year around this time I want spring clothes.  Here’s how spring up a little sweater or tee.


You’ll need an old lightweight sweater.  You can find a lot of sweaters at Old Navy on sale for like $10 a piece.

LaceYou’ll also need lace or some sort of sheer fabric.

DIY Lace SweaterTurn your sweater inside out and measure the lace.  Cut the lace to fit the sweater.

Lace Sweater InsertUse tape to mark off where you want to put the lace.

Peekaboo SweaterUsing the tape as a guide, cut out the fabric that you want to replace with lace.

DIY Peekaboo SweaterGlue the lace into place.  You can cut any excess fabric off when finished.

DIY Spring SweaterWhoa… you could play a drinking game with how many times I said lace.