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I love a wire headband.

DIY Wire HeadbandYou can manipulate them to look good with pretty much any hairstyle.  They make topknots and lazy ponytails look like you tried.  Here’s how to make your own.

DIY HeadbandYou’ll need a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around your head one and a half times, wire, and a glue gun.

Wire HeadbandCut the wire so it’s a little bit shorter than the piece of fabric and glue the end directly to the fabric.

Spring HeadbandContinue to glue the wire down along the entire piece of fabric.

Easy DIY HeadbandFold the fabric up (covering the  wire), and secure it with glue.

Wire Headband DIYFold and glue the fabric again to clean everything up.

No Sew Headband

Fold the ends of the headband down to seal it all together.


Headbands are the best way to turn a bad hair day into a good one.